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Who We Are

Our Story

We have been car enthusiasts for as long as we can remember. Autos of all types and styles offer something to contemplate, something to admire. Changing the stock version into a personalization of one’s vision is something we admire.

Wheels play a huge part in customization or visual appearance. We wanted to provide something that was classic, timeless and functional. We think we found the answer.

We are not a huge manufacturer or aftermarket giant. We are a small company just trying to provide a quality product for our community. Yes, we began this journey with the Miata in mind but we want to offer our products to all makes and models.  

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Take A Look...

Check out all the other people who have joined the LIKE WHEELS family. From different cars, colors, and fitments, our gallery might help you get a better picture of what our wheels will look like on your car.

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