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The Story of Like Wheels LLC

A small business...and we're okay with that

Like Wheels LLC started out as a thought of bring a new, yet old, wheel design to market. To provide the Miata community with a product that was classic and would fit the style of select builds. Not a modern design but a more "sports car from the past" feel.To provide a look that would look proper 50, 60 years ago as well as many years into the future. 

We love and are possessed by the Miata, MX-5 or Roadster, whatever name fits best.
We hope others that have this obsession will appreciate our design.

We also welcome other makes and models with a 4x100 pattern to enjoy our wheels. Hondas, BMWs, all, we look forward to seeing our wheels on your outstanding projects.

Special thanks to everyone in our community who keep the roadster spirit alive. We are enthusiasts like you and it would not be possible to do what we do without people like you. Also thanks to Justen Nguyen for providing morale/tech support as well as photos/videos.

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